In 2010, an entirely new world of passion, progression, and optimization was opened up to me when I was introduced to a Kendama (a traditional japanese toy). Over time, I began to see a small community bud into a world-wide takeover. The community jams, the insane tricks people were pulling, and most importantly; the love and passion put into it all. 

Over the following years, I began dabbling into other avenues in search for a new toy; a new unique way to express myself. Progression never seized in the world of Kendama, and I've always got one in my backpack. However, it was time to let something new take its place in the forefront of my heart. 

In late 2016, I stumbled across Begleri. Thanks to the beautiful, and unique video put out by Kuma Films, an entirely new option opened up. Something so simple as two beads on the end of a piece of cord immediately began to run through my mind all the time. I started out weaving my own monkeyfist beads, and the usual DIY methods used to create these toys - I fell in love, but I still wanted more.

I began designing my own beads, endlessly torturing myself over the possibilities, getting feedback, and doing everything I could to piece together this project. I repeatedly saw Begleri as the "side toy", and am setting out to change that mindset. To show people that Begleri deserves a spot in the limelight. The possibilities are truly endless, and it's my dream to see this community grow to every corner of the world. With an urge to tinker, and an urge to manipulate, I decided to step in and try something new.  

Welcome to Red Table Co. Be different.